Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mueller Home REstylesource Preview

 Welcome Country Living Readers,

We are happy you are visiting us here at FOUND. Here are some preview photos from our new Lifestyle & Design website REstylesource that will feature additional rooms from the home, more of the fabulous details as well as information and sources about the Mueller home.

While we wait for REstylesource to launch- please feel to contact us here at FOUND for information on anything you see featured.- We would love to help answer any questions you may have.

 This project has been such a joy to work on and the family is just amazing.  They have been so gracious to allow us to feature their home and opened their doors for the Country Living Christmas article- (Christmas in Arizona in September, now that is tricky!)   REstylesource (launching this January) will inspire you and connect you with the design sources where you can find the style and products you are looking for and make it your own! *You will also want to stay tuned for news about Amy Mueller's new blog~ it is sure to be a new favorite!

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Kristin and Dan Alber
*photos shown here for REstylesource
 by Jessica Downey Photography &
Melissa Jill Photography

3 comments: said...

this is just perfection! that kitchen!! dreamy! where is that console table from with the chalkboard above! I need!

Lynda said...

I the decor of this home! I also love the chalkboard! Was that freehanded, or was a font used? If it's a font, may I ask which one?

Thank you very much

closets Bergen said...

You got some amazing photos in here. I do love all the interior elements playing in perfect unison with each other. White is definitely the home color for me and these examples are so inspiring. The dining room is my favorite and that huge clock is such a beautiful piece. Thank you for this post. I am so excited to see more of Restylesource.