Monday, April 4, 2011

FOUND around about our little cottage this weekend...

We started with some new art, pillows and greenery... still in progress~

In search of the perfect soft grey paint (or maybe a cool paper) for our tiny kitchen walls~ Dan and I are duking it out over it.

You know what time it is??? Spring cleaning and sprucing time!- Here are a few shots I took at our house from this weekend. You know the old story of how the shoemaker didn't have any shoes? That is how it is at our house most of the time-:( so we decided to give our space a little attention this weekend- (oh it makes me so happy!)

We brought the industrial trolley home to use as a replacement island to our wooden one. I think I am liking it. I love how even your produce can fill your space with that "little lift"- (and you can eat it too!) And of course you can't beat Trader Joes daffodils at a $1 and some change per bunch. :)

Have a great Monday everyone.

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Dorie said...

More pics please!! I'm dying!! Maybe I should just git on over there and have a look see for myself!! Looks fab :)