Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Modern Wallpaper Inspiration from Thibaut..........

Haven't taken a serious look at wallpaper since the days when it was all cabbage roses and stripes, conservative plaids, and tiny floral prints? Better take another look! Wallpaper has come a long way from the stuffy, formal 'sitting rooms' and 'powder rooms' of yesterday. In fact, wallpaper has made a serious comeback lately, with modern looks such as bold, splashy, oversized graphic prints, wildly colorful florals, and soothing, serene naturals that even incorporate botanical elements such as real woven grass or paper-thin slices of cork.

And if you liked the cabbage roses, stripes and tiny florals--don't worry! They're still being produced, better and more beautiful than ever. Now there's truly something for everyone --and every room in the house--in the world of wallpaper.

FOUND is proud to carry the Thibaut line of wallpaper and coordinating fabrics (all photos from their website, see many more at From bold stripes to graceful damasks to whimsical prints for children's rooms, Thibaut has something for everyone! They also partner with Anna French, a UK-based designer whose creations include boudoir-inspired metallic prints, glamorous flocked patterns, and wild florals in bright pink and electric blue (see more at Anna French's website,

Best of all, you can see any of these by stopping into our store for a visit! Sit down with one of our designers and have a look at samples, consider color options, plan out a whole new wallpapered look for your entire house!

Schedule a visit by calling us at (480) 73-FOUND, or just stop by the store any time, T - F, 10:00 - 5:00 (MST).

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