Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Check out a sampling of our products on our new ONLINE SHOP! We will be listing new one of a kind finds- so check back with us often!

VISIT Domestic Bliss where we will be adding clothing, jewelry and accessories soon!

*PHOTOS by Allison Tyler Jones Photography

*To learn more about Reclaimed Marketplace and it's originators- visit here.


Rio Understiller said...

I love love love the new online store, I can stay in touch with all the new goodies!!! I never get a chance to stop down during the day working 9-5, but now I can. Love the new style :)

domestic bliss said...

Thanks Rio!!!! xoxox

Chris + Tatiana said...

I am in love with the online store! Jess and Cody did a fabulous job. I'm moving to Texas in just a few weeks, so glad I can still shop from states away!

domestic bliss said...

Thanks Chris and Tatiana- Yes, Jess and Cody are so great and helpful- they are the BEST! We will be listing lots of new things over the next couple of weeks... so stay tuned!