Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh the places you've been...

We LOVE to imagine where these pieces of baggage have been~ the trips they have traveled & the stories that they hold. There are so many creative things you can do with suitcases & they have such personality. They are so fun to use in all types of design projects. They can be stacked up as an end table or use a large trunk as a coffee table. The best part??? Added storage of course!

Come in and see all of the great pieces we have in now- (& starting at just $18.- you can buy several and do something fabulous without breaking the bank!)
What do you do with your suitcases?

Until next time FOUND friends!~

(*photos in this post by Trevor Dayley)


Dorie said...

Oh how I adore those suitcases :) they'd look grrreat in my house doncha think? And the store rocks the world :) absolutely love it!

domestic bliss said...

xoxoxoxo Dorie!!!

lb said...

ADORE the "you are my sunshine" sign but live in FL. Is it possible to order and have it shipped?